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The world still turned

but all was paused,

it was the year 2020

and there you sat still.


Surrounded by clovers and sunshine

Wearily watching the caution tape flutter,

Yearning to play

To experience a sense of normalcy.


Blundering decision-makers allowed haircuts and indoor dining,

“Our mental health needs it!” the majority screamed

While schools closed and parks got taped.

The kid's needs were inferior it seemed.


“But kids are resilient” the adults repeated with hopeful assurance

While we exchanged our newfound Covid hobbies

in for doom scrolling and mental breakdowns,

somehow expecting more from the kids than we did of ourselves.


Resilient you were, resilient you are.

We must never forget throughout this pandemic,

How the vulnerable quietly bore the brunt,

while the privileged screamed for “More!”


May we absorb some of your resilience

And exchange it with empathy.

May our generation learn from yours

And remember kindness once more.

Original Oil Painting by Ruth Oosterman on a 9 x 12-inch Canvas Paper, unframed. Artist signature on the front and on the back. 


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