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This original painting, "Inches of Time" is of my middle child, Theodore, at his 3-year checkup and there were so many BIG feelings that day.

On the cusp of boyhood but still my littlest one, not quite a toddler but not quite a big kid yet.

It was a challenge but I wanted to portray the natural light coming through the window opposite of Theodore that conflicted with the yellow fluorescent lighting flickering above him, creating an unexpected swathe of shadows and blue, green, and yellow tones in odd places.

I remember how the crooked stickers spelling out "Do Not Touch Please" on the barely working scale really only made kids want to play with it that much more.

Medium: Oil on stretched canvas
Size: 16 x 20 inches with a .75 inch thickness

This original painting is signed and dated on the back.

Shipping includes tracking.

Inches of Time

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